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adaptive yoga

Adaptive yoga is an accessible yoga practice for people living with disabilities. The principles of yoga are something that can be available to any person. I teach the experience of the pose rather than being attached to the physical shape. Yoga can be practised either from a chair, or on the floor, or from bed. Classes will include basic movements with inner focus as well as focus on breathing. Yoga props may be used if useful.


I can offer both one-to-one yoga sessions as well as small group sessions. These sessions can be done either online or in-person and are truly open to everyone.

I have trained with one of the world’s leading adaptive yoga teachers, Matthew Sanford, and have worked with a range of students from children with high needs to adults living with disabilities. 

Please feel free to contact me to find out more.


"I could not live with the life I lived and I could not live without it. A part of me felt like I could not stop and another part like I could not start. It led me to a prison. I met LKY. LKY taught me to live with myself instead. Not with some magical cure – with myself. LKY lives and teaches from a place of truth, yours, mine, ours, everyone’s. It is for everyone and all are welcome. LKY teaches us to live with ourselves and each other despite what does or does not happen and to find freedom through times of ease and hardship. And it works, if we let it. It did for me, I found freedom from within a prison cell. Wherever you are give it a try. You may be surprised at what you might find!
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